Upgraded And Conspicuous Tourism Services Offered By IRCTC

IRCTC( Indian railways catering and tourism corporation) has been set up by the railway ministry for handling and covering all the responsibility of catering and tourism in this new cooperation. This step has proven to be the source of high growth rate in this particular tourism via the railway sector, this includes the participation of other agencies like travel agents, tour operators, hotels, etc. It includes the participation of both public and private sectors such as transporting agencies, travel agents, tour operators, etc. The ultimate goal of IRCTC tourism is to provide and upgrade customer services in the railway sector including tourism, travel, catering, hospitality, etc.


This article will include contents related to the tourism services provided by IRCTC.The new corporation has also decided upon providing some of the affordable tourism packages for customers. Some of the private sector companies like Paytm have contributed to enhance the IRCTC services by making the payment method feasible and also offering some discounts on buying of the tickets and much more. IRCTC tourism primarily focuses on changes in marketing practices of innovation and technology. It also aims to maximize ROI( Return of investment) by increasing opportunities for business through the inclusion of private and public sector.

                           TABLE OF CONTENT


  • Reservations for Internet facilities
  • Food courts 
  • Tourism services
  • Other services
  • Calling centers


  • Reservation for Internet facilities

There has been increasing demand for railway tickets and people stand in lines to get their railway tickets on time. The services of IRCTC has already been started in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. They are planning to extend these services to other cities also like Hyderabad, Pune, etc. There is also a designated website for railway bookings and that is – www.irctc.co.in.


  • Food courts

IRCTC tourism also aims at setting up various food courts across various railway stations. These food plazas are mainly set up to provide multi-cuisine food catering to a large number of passengers or customers. There will be the availability of air-conditioned place in food courts with modern decor, and 24 hours service for the passengers. The prices charged for these services would be market-driven.


  • Tourism services

With the introduction of IRCTC, the tourism business has proven to be grown since then. The railway officials have combined the private and the public sectors to build a well-planned marketing strategy, by including tour operators and travel agents. They provide exclusive and affordable tourism packages all over the country. IRCTC has provided ordering full train coaches, cabins, and different arrangements for reserved berths to promote tourism through railways transportation. A large number of people around 50,000 passengers got benefit from these arrangements.


  • Other services

The time table of IRCTC is said to be comprehensive and well planned Indian rail always time table. It gives all the information related to the functioning of trains. By going through the official website mentioned above, one can have easy access to the train timings by IRCTC login, which gives information about the train schedules arriving at certainly different timings.


  • Calling Centers 

IRCTC has also started the facility of call centers. Customers have access to the common number and anyone from anywhere in the country can get information about the train schedules.


The objectives of IRCTC are to work in an eminent and environmentally friendly way and also aims at building a strong ethical work culture. Also, to maintain a standardized way of work. And try to focus on balancing the cost and maintain the quality of the services provided.IRCTC is considered to be the only authorized railway cooperation to offer online booking of railway tickets. The facility of accepting digital payments is also available, IRCTC also provides additional services online to offer customers different experiences. It is one of the only corporations which provides packaged drinking sealed water which is being distributed at all railway stations.



This article highlights the strengths and objectives of the IRCTC corporation. Which should be kept in mind while traveling through Indian railways.



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