Some Of The Exquisite Things To Do In Kashmir (Travel Guide)!

Kashmir is considered to be one of the most beautiful places, It is also known as heaven on earth for its enticing and captivating Kashmir beauty. Due to the amazing location of the place, it is very well linked with some of the important railway lines and highways. The season change experienced by Kashmir is phenomenal and unusual, from some alluring ice showers to the spring season. Kashmir is considered to be an important link as it connects various major railway lines. The description of Kashmir would be incomplete without discussing the delicious cuisines of this place, the list of the cuisines is endless from spicy food to some relishing desserts. The place will provide you with all the traditional food, you have never come across.

There are a number of reasons why Kashmir is called paradise on earth!

The foremost thing which makes the place different and unique is the phenomenal snowfall in the winter season when the cotton balls like snow cover the lush green foliage, the view seems to be majestically beautiful. The snow carnival is also organized which is considered to be an amazing experience altogether. The snowflakes covering the gardens and the lakes will connect you with nature in the purest and beautiful way. 

The second thing which counts in calling Kashmir a paradise on earth is the beautiful tulip garden and the autumn season, both the factors have been proven to enrich the beauty of this place. In the autumn season when trees shed the beautiful leaves and change its colour, the mesmerizing and beautiful change can be felt in the nature or surroundings of that place. It is a poetic description altogether.

Another aspect which makes it paradise on earth is a thrilling experience, this place has to offer to you. Here you will find some amazing rides, one of them is Gulmarg gondola ride, it is considered to be the world’s second-highest cable ride. Through this ride, you will come across some breathtaking views and will be able to view some of the famous peaks.

If you are planning to visit a trip to Kashmir then you definitely have to decide in which season, as the change in season can make a huge difference in your visit. Once you are done with the selection of the season, then the next step you come across are the activities, which can make your trip interesting and thrilling. This article will include the amazing things which can be done during a visit to Kashmir, let’s take a look at some of the contents.


  1. Plan a stay in a houseboat in dal lake
  2. Exploring the traditional market and agriculture
  3. Planning hiking to Pahalgam or sonamarg
  4. Pony ride journey
  5. Wildlife tour journey
  6. Site seeing old heritage
  7. Amazing traditional cuisines

Plan a stay in a houseboat in dal lake

Visiting and staying at dal lake in a boat called shikhara, would definitely not be missed and one should include this amazing site seeing in their list. You will get to choose from a various variety of houseboats, as there are various houseboats available for tourists at an affordable rate. This will sum up a local experience for you as you will get o to interact with the local people of Kashmir.


Exploring the traditional market and agriculture

Exploring a traditional place like Kashmir without checking out about the handicrafts and traditional wear of that particular place. The place truly displays the art of craftsmanship. Kashmir is also known for its vegetation and various types of fruits, nuts and vegetative plantations. The most famous examples would be saffron and apple.


Planning hiking to Pahalgam or sonamarg

You can’t miss the hiking adventure when you are planning a visit to a mountainous place like Kashmir. There are various hiking spots where you can plan to go for a hiking adventure. The most famous being Pahalgam and sonamarg. Both the towns offer some amazing breathtaking views.


Pony ride journey

Pony is a sort of transport mode in the valleys of Kashmir. Experiencing a pony ride in the valleys of Kashmir is interesting and you will be able to know much about the Kashmir beauty by this short ride. Pony rides in places like Sonamarg and Pahalgam are very popular and they are mostly used in those places as a mode of transport where motorized transport can not function.   


Wildlife tour journey

Amidst the snow-covered mountains and thick and heavy forest, you will discover some rare and amazing species of flora and fauna. You can visit the wildlife in the wildlife sanctuary parks of Jammu and Kashmir. Some of the rare species include snow leopard, red fox, golden eagle, etc. The wildlife of Kashmir is not only considered to be unique but it also enhances the Kashmir beauty by consisting of some of the rare species.   


Site seeing old heritage

Wandering in the traditional area of Srinagar is something which you should not miss, walking among the old architectural structures of Srinagar is something which can provide you with much knowledge. The architecture is made in three different styles and in various religious languages. Taking a walk in the old town is one of the pleasant things you will ever experience. By taking a walk in the old streets you will not only be introduced to the architectural side but also with the old market consisting of dry fruits and pure traditional spices.


Amazing traditional cuisines

If you plan a visit to Kashmir you can’t miss out on the local and traditional food. There are some traditional cuisines which you won’t get anywhere, and will only be able to experience in Kashmir. Some of the mouth-watering and inciting dishes include- The kahwa ( traditional tea of Kashmir), rogan josh, dum aloo, etc. These delicious dishes play an important part in enhancing Kashmir’s beauty in its own way.



If you are planning a visit to Kashmir, you should keep in mind some of the amazing things which you can do to make your trip memorable and exciting.

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