How Indian Scientists Transformed Technology Through Modern Science!

Science is considered to be the everyday part of our routine life. Sometimes we also tend to ignore the involvement of science in our daily lives. From modern digital gadgets to the various innovations, we can’t function without. From the light produced to space examination or explorations. Indian scientists have made it possible to achieve global recognition in the field of science and lead to the development of science as a modern technology on a global level. Science and technology have a huge and growing impact on society. From changing the form of communications to introducing the changes in the quality of life. Science has changed the values and work ethics of mankind. Science is also responsible for affecting and changing various facets of human life such as space and time. It is not just limited to the world of intellectuals but is affecting the whole of mankind.

Modern technology in today’s times has changed and transformed the functioning of various digital devices. The involvement of science and technology together leads to the creation of new knowledge and then using and applying this knowledge in the real world to change and upgrade the way of living of human beings. This article includes the content related to the great contribution of various Indian scientists and various other changes due to the involvement of science.

List of some of the famous and renowned Indian scientists

Scientists in our country have spent days, hours, and years of research and study to bring about something innovative and creative. Most scientists work persistently for the development of mankind. Scientists are so passionately liberal and selfless about their work. Here is a list of some of the famous and renowned Indian scientists and their particular innovations and inventions.

CV Raman

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman also is known as C.V. Raman was an Indian physicist who created some spellbound work in the field of scattering of light. He has also won a Nobel prize for his Raman effect. He is also known to be one of those famous personalities who have won a Nobel prize in the field of science. An unknown fact is that he used to possess a very good knowledge of musical instruments and is considered to be the first person to study and know the harmonic effect of the sound.

Prafulla Chandra Ray

Prafulla Chandra Ray came from the Bengali background. He was one of the famous chemist and academician. He founded the very first pharmaceutical company in India which was named Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

He is considered to be a worldwide famous Indian mathematician. His ability to fiddle with numbers and gripping derivations is still relevant in today’s mathematics textbooks. Number theory, mathematical analysis, continued fractions, and infinite series are considered to be some of the major and important contributions by him in the field of mathematics. He was born in Tamil Nadu and his birth date which is 22nd December is celebrated as “ State IT Day” in his memory and his achievements.


Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was an Indian engineer and a scholar. He also served as the Diwan of Mysore. He was considered to be the man behind some of the most amazing developments in the field of engineering. Such as “ sluice gates” and “ block irrigation system”. He also bagged Bharat Ratna and his birthday is celebrated as Engineers Day.

Salim Ali

It was Salim Ali who was known as the birdman of India. He was the one who introduced Ornithology. He was a compassionate person towards animals and birds. He also took a step towards the conservation of nature.

Homi Jahangir Bhabha

He was a renowned theoretical physicist. He is known to be the Chief Architect of the Indian atomic energy program. He was the one who was considered to be the “ Father of Nuclear Power”.

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan was a known space scientist. He was also known as Astrophysicist and also he worked in the field of designated and fabrication of boats and light, spaced aircraft.

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose has worked in not only one but various fields of science. He has worked as a biologist, physicist, and an archaeologist. He achieved success in the field of radio and microwave functioning.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was known as the famous space scientist. He was used to be considered as “The Missile Man Of India”. He tremendously worked for the development of nuclear weapons and missile weapons. He has won a number of rewards and awards for his contribution in the field of science. He was considered to be the role model for the young generation and also contributed towards the Indian army.

Satyendra Nath Bose

He was an Indian physicist and a mathematician also. He introduced a theory that elaborates gas like qualities in electromagnetic radiations. He also won Padma Vibhushan for his achievements.

Har Gobind Khorana

He was an Indian scientist and a biochemist who won the Nobel Prize and also found the theory related to nucleic acids controlling the synthesis of protein.

Raj Reddy

Raj reddy won many awards in the field of computer sciences. He very well contributed to various innovations in the field of artificial intelligence systems.

Birbal Sahni

Birbal Sahni is known as an Indian paleobotanist. He did his research in the field of fossils of the Indian subcontinent.

Vikram Sarabhai

He is known to be the “: Father of Indian Space Program”. He was one of the reasons which led to the development of the Indian Space Research Organization. He only convinced the Indian Government to develop a space program. He also won Padma Bhushan for his achievements.

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

He is a renowned famous Indian statistician and also a mathematician. He founded the Indian Statistical Institute. Also known as ISI.


Here is the list of some of the famous scientists and brief discussions of their achievements and the field of work.

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