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In the era of this pandemic when every human is bound to practice the standards of self-isolation, each of us is either accusing the year or looking for some healthy ways to keep yourself entertained. Well, this is exactly why the cinema is being adorned by the increasing number of viewers on the streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. that are known to telecast a complete list of outstanding movies and web series. The Internet has thus been the key to our entertainment lately, owning its own set of legal and illegal ways to keep you occupied. One such way calls for the piracy websites like the Worldfree4u page that strive to make things easier by getting you links to free download the respective movies and shows you are willing to watch. Despite the relentless efforts made by the respective authorities, millions of people are surfing over these websites thus causing a huge loss to the filmmakers which ultimately makes any efforts, made against them, go in vain.

A good point to be taken in notice at the moment is that the worldfree4u is not the only website that caters to you with the latest releases on their page, but there are certainly thousands of other sites doing the same. However, this article spins itself around one of the most long-running websites in this regard, that is, the worldfree4u and serves you with returns on a number of questions bouncing in your mind about the same. From accessing it to finding better alternatives, this article is going to lead you right through the roads of factful information. Put an eye below to explore more!

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A brief catch to what they have!

The worldfree4u is a notorious website that is responsible for leaking the copyright content of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies in HD quality for free download. Well, not just movies but they are also found responsible for the pull-out of shows that are streamed on the internet giants including Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The website holds a complete range of movies and shows for a user to pick from which makes it a global piracy website that not just allows you to download the latest releases but is also held responsible for catering to the users with direct access to the content without asking for any signup or login procedure. But how come a movie is made available as soon as it releases? Well, each of these pirated films and shows is uploaded as soon as they get officially released or sometimes even before the release date.

Another good catch calls for the several portals that these websites own which not just allows you to download a movie or a show but also permits you to watch them online without falling for the downloading process and that too without any extra cost. These shows are styled on the website either in accordance with their popularity or the date of release. Well, out of thousands of such piracy websites there are only a few that can be trusted upon in regard to your comfort, and Worldfree4u is definitely on the list. Although no statements can be made in terms of its safety, however, on comparison with the other piracy websites, worldfree4u is definitely not going to get on your nerves with the irrelevant pop-up ads.
Websites like worldfree4u have been concerning the revenue box office collection for years across the world. The website is known to make all the efforts in regard to pursuing the users to download illegal content by catering to them with every movie and show they come across with.

Counts on popularity!

Worldfree4u has continued to be one of the most popular websites in the world of piracy. There has to be a reason for this and if you have visited the website before then you already know what we are talking about. The website does not just cater to you with all the movies and shows in multiple formats like 360p, 420p, 780p and 1080p to choose the most suitable one from but if in case you are low on storage, they also give you a chance to download the movies in 300mb format. Also, you can download the content in dual audio mode to enjoy them in your desired language. Each of these features has made us count on the growing popularity of the website in comparison to others.

Latest movies leaked by the worldfree4u

Being one of the most popular illegal and notorious websites, worldfree4u is known to have leaked hundreds of movies and shows from the latest releases. Regardless of whether it is a bollywood film or a Hollywood dubbed Hindi film, you can find almost all of them on the website page of the worldfree4u. Well, we have created a list that talks about the same. Put an eye below to explore some of the latest releases that are available on the website.

Downloading the app? Know more!

Certainly, there must be thousands of people who might find discomfort or face trouble using a desktop to download content online. In that case, users can look forward to downloading the worldfree4u mobile app that has been designed with the user essentials in mind. Not just this, but you do not need to worry about a change in features as the app itself strives to cater to you with the different streaming formats to choose from. In short, the app doesn’t compromise on quality.

Before beginning to download an app, each of us is always willing to know a little more about the features and the way the app is going to affect our device, rather it is in terms of storage or privacy. Well, the worldfree4u app holds a notable amount of features that are witnessed in very few numbers of apps. We have mentioned a couple of features that you would definitely not mind putting an eye upon. But before you look ahead, make sure that you download the app on the wifi mode, or else it might create disturbance during the process.

File Size- 2.6 MB
Version- v3.0
Requirement- Android Device 4.0 and above
Languages offered- English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
License- Free
Download Link –

Accessing the worldfree4u website!

In order to proceed with gaining access to the worldfree4u website, one needs to be kept clear of the fact that it is an illegal website, and visiting a site like this is no less than a crime in India. Well, if you are still willing to explore and download the content provided by the website then here is how you can gain quick access to it.

  • To begin you need to download a VPN on your mobile in order to bypass your restriction.
  • Once you are done with installing the VPN app, open the Software, and pick an IP address of a country where the Worldfree4u website is not banned.
  • Once you are done with setting the IP address, visit the website at and entertain yourself with thousands of movies and TV shows that are also available for free download.

Uncover the best alternatives!

We believe you if you say that you are looking for an alternative to the worldfree4u app as nothing in the world is meant to impress every person coming across the way. It is okay to say if you don’t like a feature or two on the website or face dissatisfaction with the quality produced. You can always feel free to look for a bunch of other great sites that can bring you the same features with added convenience. Well, we have partially done the job for you. Here are a bunch of alternatives that you can hold access to in order to download HD movies and shows for free.

Defining the categories on the worldfree4u website

The worldfree4u website is known to leak the Bollywood and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies that are thereby categorized as-

  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies
  • Hindi Mp3 Songs
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Latest Bollywood Movies
  • Latest Hollywood Dubbed Movies

All you got to do is to open the web page and choose from the above options, a category to explore from. With the next step, you will find yourself among the several latest new releases, available in different downloading formats.

Some legal alternatives to look for!

Are you worried about the legalities involved in the process of keeping yourself entertained? Well, if your concerns run down to finding a legal and authorized way of enjoying the content then we have compiled a list that talks about a bunch of most outstanding channels to watch your favorite movies and shows on. Have a look to explore now!

The Worldfree4u is banned in India. Really?

Movie piracy is considered to be no less than a crime in several different countries including the United States of America and India. Piracy sites like these have been banned by the Indian government from google. However, these sites put in a lot of effort to create domain extensions from .com. .uz, .pn, .it, and more in order to deal with actions taken by the government against them. Such piracy portals including the worldfree4u website have wisely proven themselves to be unstoppable as they continue to leak the latest releases even before the release date, thus concerning the moviemakers to a certain extent. Well, this is why one needs to keep in mind that if in case you are caught being occupied on such illegal websites then you might get punished accordingly under the Piracy Law Of India.

Should you or should you not visit the worldfree4u?

Being a responsible citizen of India, one must keep themselves clear of the fact that our democracy holds a law that in no way allows us to surf on such illegal websites and download any sort of content. This clearly states that if you are found exploring any such torrent websites, then you will be held guilty under the piracy law. To someone who is convicted for the first time would be punished with a jail term of about 6 months and a fine between ₹50,000 and ₹200,000 (relying on the seriousness of the offense).

Not just this, but the Indian government has taken several initiatives in regard to piracy in the past years. For instance, the Cinematograph Act 2019, states that if a person is caught recording a movie without the written consent of the producers, he/she will be held guilty and be compelled to suffer imprisonment for no less than 3 years. Not just this, but an added fine of Rs.10 lakhs will be charged from the culprits. There are several other acts including the copyright act and the stop online piracy act that is made to fight against the online leaks of the movies and shows. Each of the statements mentioned above makes it quite clear whether or not you should visit the torrent websites like the Worldfree4u.


Indian democracy no how promotes the relevance of piracy in any which ways. It is cle3arly stated as a criminal act that is purely considered to be a serious offense that would drive you through the roads of imprisonment and heavy fines without any grants. The article is supposed to inform people about the seriousness of the crime in order to help them be safe from such obnoxious acts. Our request to you is to not promote piracy in any way.

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