Avocado Nourishment- Lookout For Various Health Benefits Of Avocado!

We constantly devour Avocado toast and flourish the modish, avocado smoothies. But do we know exactly what an avocado is called? It’s a vegetable or a fruit. It is a weight loss buster or just a diet build-up? Many of you don’t have any idea about what role avocado plays in your diet. So now the question arises, what are avocados exactly.
What are Avocados?

Avocado is an evergreen, pear-shaped, and fully nourished fruit. The word avocado means both the fruit and the green tropical tree. Avocado is available in a lot of different varieties. The fruit belongs to the plant family named Lauraceae.

The fruit contains two elements, the berry-like textured containing a large seed. But the basic definition of a berry varies with different usage. Avocados are not a sweet fruit but are considered to be the versatile and fulfilling food consisting of a buttery and creamy texture and also possess a good flavor.

In this article, some healthy benefits will be highlighted. And how it will improve your overall being and also will help you in making your skin healthier. Avocado health benefits are –


  1. The healthiest fruit
  2. Helps in absorbing antioxidants
  3. Helps in treating cancer like diseases
  4. Lower the risk of heart diseases
  5. Helps in controlling weight loss
  6. Helps in elevating brain health and memory function
  7. Reduce the risk of depression and anxiety


The healthiest fruit

A study has shown that people who consume avocado, tend to have a well- balanced nutrient content and also they possess a fairly good rate of immunity and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. They also believe to have lower body weight, lower BMI( Body Mass Index), and a balanced level of good or healthy cholesterol.



Helps in absorbing antioxidants

You should consume fat-soluble nutrients with a considerable amount of fats in your meal, this helps your body to consume the fats properly. Eating a particular type of antioxidant with avocado fruit or with the oil of avocado can help in increasing the absorption. These are some of the important health benefits of avocado.



Helps in treating cancer like diseases

Studies and various experiments have shown that avocatin B , as a compound which is found in avocado fruit, helps in killing leukemia cells, which are responsible for blood cancer. Phytochemicals present in avocado make the fruit capable of preventing cancer.

cancer-fighting fruit


Lower the risk of heart disease

It is a proven fact that eating an avocado per day, on a regular basis. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol. And also improves the regulation of blood flow in the body.

heart disease


Helps in controlling weight loss

People who eat avocado seem to be satisfied with their meal. And doesn’t feel any need to eat anything for a longer period of time. Almost for five hours, you won’t feel hungry. On the other side people who don’t eat avocado, face more weight problems.

weight loss


Helps in elevating brain health and memory function

The fruit is rich in various nutrients such as- omega-9 fatty acids. These acids are likely to enhance memory and also helps in improving cognition.

mental and memory


Reduce the risk of depression and anxiety

Eating saturated fats is known to reduce depression and anxiety. Balancing the intake of fats present in the diet and also keeping in mind the proper nutrient balance will help in reducing the rate of depression. The intake of an increased amount of folate can help in maintaining your brain good chemicals and also will help your brain to function properly.

reduce depression and anxiety

How to store or preserve avocado?
For preserving avocado fruit, it should be kept at room temperature until it gets ripped. If an avocado is ripe, and you are not ready to eat or want to eat after some time. It’s better to keep them in the fridge. This will help in preserving the avocado for almost 4-5 days.
If you can’t wait to eat the avocado and want it to ripe quickly, what you can do to make the process faster. You can put the avocado in a paper brown bag with an apple. This will help avocado to grow faster.

These are some of the facts about avocado fruit. Bear in mind the health benefits of avocado.

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