10 New Life Habits That Are Outrageously Bad For Your Mental Health!

According to specialists our present and modern lifestyle are plugging away neuronal pathways, which is making us slower, dull-witted, and incapable of dealing with our inner self and original thoughts. Hyper Connectedness has taken a toll on our mental health in present times. The end product of this is less productivity and inefficiency. When it comes to looking after our health, we never think about strengthening our brain, the way we nurture our physical body. Our mental health is the lifesaver of our comprehensive health, it’s imperative to take care of mental health, bearing in mind the saying of Health is Wealth, which is, by all means, is true. As mental disorders can disrupt the social and economical aspect of an individual.

In this article, you will come across some of the bad habits that will affect your brain health. A pause to these habits will help in flourishing your overall well-being.
Excessive use of technology
Fluctuation in sleeping patterns
The negative impact of screen time
Too much multitasking will affect productivity
Developing the habit of procrastination
Lack of physical exercise
Continues use of headphones leads to ear damage
Behavioral Change
Unhealthy Eating

Excessive Use of Technology
In this digital time and age, people think that, if you think that being on social media 24 hours and getting obsessed with social media platforms, will make you more informed and socially active. This can be termed as the right way, but there should be a limit to every usage. Continuously being on your phone will surely have a negative impact on your mental health.

Fluctuation in Sleeping Patterns
In today’s time, people tend to compromise on sleep, which is directly affecting mental health. People feel like that its fine to sleep for 4 hours and spend the rest of the time on different social media platforms, like binge-watching some series, etc. But the reality is lack of proper sleep degrades the functioning of the brain cells. Seven to eight hours of sleep is a must to function properly.

The negative impact of screen time
Presently, face-to-face interactions are being replaced by digital gadgets. Looking at screens for a long time can affect your eyes, ear, shoulder, back, and other body parts which are getting exposed to the screen. Social interaction should not be done merely through digital tools. But also through face to face interactions. Studies have shown, face to face interactions can heal you mentally and act as a boost for your mental health.

Too much multitasking will affect productivity
The electronic gadgets are acting like switchblade knives. We use them almost every time. We do so many things digitally simultaneously. For instance, we text while talking to someone, check different applications at the same time. Read some articles and listen to songs.
Multitasking affects productivity in a negative way. It becomes a habit that keeps your mind occupied which in turn makes you less efficient.

Developing the habit of procrastination
Procrastination means the delay of tasks that can be stressful but are important. So people tend to delay these tasks. This act turns into a habit, which makes you a last-minute person and it can be stressful to your mental health. Procrastination will make you feel stressed because you will feel like a load of the task you haven’t completed. Procrastination further leads to anxiety which turns to bad mental health.

Lack of physical exercise
There is a direct link between physical exercise and mental health, and you are likely to become sicker if you don’t do physical exercise. When you exercise, chemicals like endorphins get released which helps in boosting our mood.

Continues use of headphones leads to ear damage
People find listening songs to the full volume, as they find that to be fun and entertaining. If you will constantly listen to loud music, you will tend to damage your hearing.

Behavioral change
Studies have shown that negative behavior Change leads to mental stress where your ability to think straight diminishes. Anger and irritation, they both are normal emotions. But uncontrollable anger is something from which you should definitely get rid of. It not only makes you socially unattractive but also disrupts your mental health. Talking to someone and letting out the anger in this situation can help you a lot.

Unhealthy eating
Our diet can have a huge impact on our mood. If our eating habits are irregular and a lot of junk is being consumed, then it will directly affect our mental and physical health. It will act as a blockage in our thinking process. Eating healthy can help us boost our mental health.

Unorganized schedule
Having an unorganized timetable will decrease your productivity. It keeps you distracted from your work a bit, you can’t focus if you are unorganized. For instance, if you plan your work accordingly, you will be able to give your focus to each and every task separately. With this, you know which task is to be done at what time. Being unorganized messes up your mind after some time, and you lose track of your work.

To be the most productive. We need to do those activities and should adopt a healthy lifestyle which will help us to improve our mental health. This will prevent cognitive decline. What you need to do is, start by changing your routine habits and try to avoid some common new and trendy habits – just follow the basic rule of health is wealth.
Sometimes you don’t feel like switching to healthy living or you find difficulty in making healthy choices – as we all are occupied with busy routine and work, it’s normal to feel like that way. For instance, it’s feasible to grab a protein bar on your route to work than making a healthy breakfast at that particular moment. Healthy choices can help you make happier and healthier- the key is to take steps inch by inch.

It’s imperative to count on mental health as a part of your holistic health process.

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